Are you suffering from property damage to your home or business? We are going through difficult times. At Halo Properties,  We can provide the support you need to navigate through this time.
It can be frustrating to review your policies and coverage while negotiating a settlement. Addditionally,  you may need to secure contractors, legal assitance, engineers, appraisers and a myriad of other services just to restore your home or business. Halo Properties can give you the service you require to get your claim back on track.

Halo helps you navigate the insurance claim process. We fight for fair and balancedsettlements for policyholders. If you have suffered property damage due to a leak, burst pipe or storm damage from hurricane, tornado, hail, wind, water, flood or fire, we've got you covered. We have the experience you need for commercial and residential claim processing. Whether you have a new claim, a previously denied claim, or youwould like an expert opinion on a previously undetrfunded claim, we can help.

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